Protect your lift truck fleet, save money, and decrease the likelihood of employee injury, all with no software required

Systems are capable of alerting who was operating a lift during its time of impact with impact reports. Utilization reports are also created. These allow you to calculate your ROI and realize if you have too many, or alternatively not enough, trucks in your fleet. Safety and compliance are other primary benefits of telemetry. Systems allow you to enter your own preset and post-set safety guidelines, all in accordance with OSHA guidelines. The systems are completely cloud based, allowing all of this and more to be easily accessed through the system’s portal online, or through its smartphone app.

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Easily accessible reports

View real time data on lift utilization and impacts
  • Data is transferred immediately with cellular data, or as soon as in range of Wi-Fi
  • Reports easily accessed through online portal or the system’s app
  • Allows you to view idle/run time to optimize performance of each lift
  • View the number of loads each lift has moved

Realize unique driver Info

Identify employee operating behavior with key card implementation
  • Employee required to scan key card to begin operating lift
  • Lift stores the data of who was running it and when
  • Allows for the ability to see who was operating the lift at time of impact

Simplify OSHA worries

Digital reports and additional equipment requirements make OSHA compliance easier than ever
  • Digital reports available for 7 years that prove compliance
  • Set preset and post set safety guidelines for your fleet
  • Save paper costs with digital reports



Want telemetry but already own a fleet?

No Problem.

We can install systems on all lift truck models and brands, including trucks not purchased from us.

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