Owning a high-performance conveyor belt system is paramount for maximizing your warehouse’s overall operating efficiency. Conveyor belts come in many varieties, from basic systems comprising a flat roller bed to more complex styles like modular conveyors made from thousands of interlocked pieces. Some conveyors even provide advanced sorting functions. You can purchase systems in prefabricated configurations or have a custom setup designed specifically for your operational needs.

While technology continues to develop, the basic goal remains the same — to move your product around your warehouse with speed, precision and care. However, as the manufacturing process improves with the evolution of automation and robotics, companies expect the same productivity from their conveyor systems. Your facility needs warehouse conveyor systems that are versatile and efficient. At ӣƵ, we’ll provide the perfect conveyor belt solution that’s best suited for your specific operation.

Warehouse Conveyor Belt Systems for Sale

When exploring your company’s conveyor belt options, it’s best to know all the types of systems available. Making the right choice can speed up your assembly line, reduce labor costs and increase overall profit margins. Here are a few categories of belt systems we offer at ӣƵ:

  • Flat belt conveyors: Flat belt conveyor systems are among the most common systems used in warehouses today because they are ideal solutions for the easy transport of items within a facility. They usually incorporate multiple powered pulleys that move a continuous flat belt made from fabric where products are placed to move from one end to the other. This type of conveyor belt is highly versatile.
  • Modular belt conveyors: Modular conveyor parts are interlocked components that create a single loop. These hard plastic pieces can be removed and repaired individually instead of replacing an entire belt section. They’re also easier to clean, making modular belt conveyors less complicated to maintain and repair than traditional flat belts. Modular belts can move straight, around corners, vertically or horizontally using the same motor.
  • Roller red conveyors: A roller conveyor’s surface features a specific roller based on the type of product you want to move. When choosing a roller conveyor, some things to consider are product size, weight and the desired speed of transport. Roller beds are ideal for applications like basic sorting, assembly lines, packaging and inspecting.
  • Cleated belt conveyors: Cleated belt conveyors have protruding cleats or barriers in their designs that form sections. These sections ensure that smaller, loose materials remain secure during transport, especially during inclines and declines. The cleats also provide separation between items for easier sorting functions. The cleats come in different shapes and heights based on your product needs.

Powered Belt Conveyors

ӣƵ carries several prefabricated powered-belt conveyor systems. These options are economical solutions when gravity is not an option in transport. The specific options we offer are:

  • Heavy-duty slider bed power conveyors: Keeping power, performance and efficiency in mind, slider bed conveyors are a simplistic but dependable approach to transport. These conveyors are ideal for semi-permanent installations that move parts and packages.
  • Mini-veyors: Our mini-veyors handle small items in facilities with limited space. The narrow 2.5-inch profile fits in hard-to-reach places.
  • Slim line power conveyors: Our slim line power conveyor is an affordable option, ideal for loading, unloading, incline transfer or machine filling. These models are lightweight for fast setup and takedown.
  • Parts-veyors: This durable and reliable inclined conveyor moves product from one level to the next. We designed the parts-veyor with superior performance and efficiency in mind.

Conveyor Belt Parts

Regardless of which system you choose, ӣƵ is here to provide you with a full line of replacement parts and services. Whether you require a new belt, a conveyor plate or parts for the driving unit, we have everything you need. Our service department can help you avoid unwanted downtime by performing any needed repairs when necessary. We have more than 160 trained technicians ready to give you the best possible service.

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