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Warehouse shelving units are essential to every warehouse or facility, regardless of size or specialty. At ”£Ő“ ”∆Ķ, we offer a variety of warehouse shelving solutions to streamline material handling processes and boost overall site efficiency.

Warehouse Shelving Solutions We Offer

There are multiple types of warehouse shelving. Certain types are more compatible with products used in specific industries. Read on for a brief description of our warehouse shelving solutions and to view which industry they are often used in.

Steel Clip Shelving

Whether running a backroom storage area or an expansive warehouse, steel clip shelves are some of the best storage solutions you can acquire. Our industrial steel clip shelves are metal, bolt-less shelving options that attach to posts with clips. This clip configuration allows easy customization, creating organization structures that fit your needs.

Steel clip shelves can either be open or closed. Open configurations allow worker access from the sides and back, enabling convenient visibility and access. Closed steel clip shelves are built with backs and sides included, creating a single entrance point to store and retrieve your products. Both arrangements are known to hold automotive equipment, operate as parts and bin storage and even create a two-story mezzanine.

Our steel clip shelves offer the utmost personalization to help you create a unique storage solution to meet your demands. We provide starter and add-on units, enabling you to create rows of economical steel clip shelving to safely hold thousands of pounds of stock. Some of our steel clip shelf units for sale include:

  • Boxer‚ĄĘ Box Shelving
  • Klip-It‚ĄĘ Industrial Steel Shelving
  • Beaded Post Industrial Clip Shelving

Rivet Style Shelving

Rivet-style shelving is given its name since¬†it’s riveted together with shelves made of particle board or wire mesh.¬†Their adjustable shelves attach to four beam frames without the need for tools, using their rivets to slide into place to create a rigid structure you can trust. It eliminates any need for clips, gussets and sway braces. This straightforward and cost-effective construction process makes shelving more accessible than ever, quickly expanding your facility’s storage capabilities. They are ideal for storage warehouses, shipping centers, back office environments and more.

Products, materials, and other goods are easily accessed from all four sides, streamlining loading and unloading activities. Rivet-style shelving maintains light and medium-duty capacities and is commonly used with automotive goods, parts and archive storage. Store products of all sizes by adjusting the number of shelves you utilize to fit your storage needs.

Rivet-style storage solutions are an affordable and durable option to enhance your warehouse. Our options conveniently hold between 500 and 4,000 pounds, providing the support and strength to handle all kinds of products. Shelves are supported on four sides with dedicated reinforcements for a dependable performance. Regardless of what you’re storing, rivet-style shelving options offer a robust solution to handle products carefully and efficiently without breaking the bank.

Modular Drawers

Shelves containing drawers made of multi-compartment cabinets¬†can easily double your storage capacity and take your operations to the next level. Modular drawers are used across many industries, ready to hold unique product types and sizes.¬†While large goods generally¬†won’t fit, you can adjust our warehouse modular drawer systems¬†to fit the length of your¬†small to mid-sized products. They have the strength to hold up to 400 pounds of supplies within modular systems with up to 15 drawers.¬†Modular drawers are often used for:

  • Storage of small parts
  • Storage of multiple products of different¬†shapes and sizes
  • Compartment storage

Modular drawers have compartments allowing multiple configurations to help you create a custom organization solution that keeps essential tools and materials within reach. Some of these storage systems have hundreds of compartments per cabinet, offering endless possibilities to effectively store all your products. Thanks to their ergonomic designs, storage subdivisions enable workers to see all stored products in full view, allowing for quick and easy access.

With more modular drawers, you’ll reduce your storage footprint and construct a much more efficient work setup. Adding 50% more space to your environment can help formulate a systematic site where productivity thrives. These practical storage systems utilize additional accessories like locks, numerous tops and anti-tip technologies to become a reliable and sturdy solution you can count on for years.

Benefits of Choosing ”£Ő“ ”∆Ķ

You purchase more than just a storage unit when you source your shelving from ”£Ő“ ”∆Ķ. We extend our Silver Service¬ģ¬†guarantee to every customer we work with. Our team takes customer service a step further than most organizations, doing whatever it takes that is ethical to create an unrivaled customer experience and ensure you’re satisfied.

Partner With ”£Ő“ ”∆Ķ for Your Shelving Needs

Arnold Machinery Company is the leading warehouse shelving solutions provider in the region, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact our team online or give your local branch a call at  888-214-1847. To see our premium shelving options in action, visit our experience center in person or online.

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